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Pinapa: A SystemC front-end

Warning:Pinapa is no longer actively developped, and is being deprecated in favor of PinaVM. Pointers to PinaVM's documentation can be found on PinaVM's Wiki page. Users of Pinapa are still welcome here, and the download, documentation, ... are still available, but it's unlikely that new versions be released in the future.

What is Pinapa

Pinapa is an open source SystemC front-end. It relies on GCC to parse the C++, and on the SystemC library itself to extract the architecture of the platform to analyze.

Usefull links

Download Pinapa


Pinapa on sourceforge

The GreenSoCs project

Pinapa is distributed as a component of the GreenSoCs project. More details can be found on the greensocs home page.

The SOCTLM project

Pinapa is an component of a joint project between the Verimag laboratory and STMicroelectronics. The project aims to create a environment for the verification of Systems-on-a-Chip at the Transaction Level.

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